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"Circle In The Sky"
"Who Rode The Chariots"

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All lyrics by SPACE CREATOR BAND except :::: LNZ breakdown section, "When in the course of human events...they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights" .....ha ha


The pyramids were not built by men, no, not alone


The greatest mystery left untold

Is that there's a secret in your soul

Hidden in the days of old

A race was made to gather gold


The apes those days evolved real slow

Until the spaceship came with a genetic code

It was then that man began to grow

And they became enslaved when they learned to know


Ask Elijah when he returns

Where did he go and what did he learn

Who was Ezekiel and what did he see

Who rode the wheels of mystery


Gabriel appears as a bright light who burns

And Mary sleeps and Joseph gets concerned

A man was alone in the bliss of eden

And his rib was cloned for the companion needed


Who rode the chariots?

Who came from heaven above?

Why did they bury it?

The children of the stars

They must be us


Space Creator Band


Supernova giant exploding gamma irradiate

Pulsar transcending metamorphosis intergalactic states

As our sound produced does travel through your open mind gate

Intertwined thin tensile line is fates overpriced rates


Now race for the cheese

Big mouse that you are

You've got the maze all figured out

Yet every corner still ends in war

So you run run around 

Then you run run around some more

You're trying to find a life 

That you have not lived before i said


Waiting for infringement man, the end you'll someday see

Every finish line in capitalism ends with the greedy seed

Careful attention to details yielded no better progeny

Than a flagrant battered lease on the deal of the century


Manifest destiny is what they said to me

For god gold and glory hallelujah be unto thee

Just look on the back of a nickel and there you will see

The lies that purged from America what it meant to be free


Not willing to give what you expect from them

The monsters in the closet have relocated to your bed